The McCord Golf Academy


Henry Gilmore with Rick McCord
"Game for a Lifetime"

PAR Formula Clinic Schedule 

ALL INSTRUCTION INCLUDES 50% OFF a round of golf. 

MONDAY              TIME     OWNER    GUEST
Better Ball Striking 10 – 11:30 a.m  $65      $75  
Swing’s The Thing®  
Golf Show         3 p.m.     Complimentary
Meet the Pros/
Swing Analysis        4 p.m.      Complimentary  

Swing Corrections  10-11:30 am        $65    $75
Introduction for New  
Golfers (2-Days)    10-11:30 a.m.     $130    $150
Mens Clinic           10-11:30 a.m         $65     $75                                       
Ladies Clinic    10-11:30 a.m          $65     $75
Introduction for New  
Golfers (Day 2)        10-11:30 a.m
TaylorMade®  Improve your        
Drive Show/Demo        3 p.m.   Complimentary
Improve your 
Drive Clinic   3:30-4:30 a.m             $45 $55

Video Analysis  10-11:30 a.m          $65   $75
Juniors Clinic    10-11:30 a.m         $20 $20  
Short Game     11:30- 1pm.             $65 $75 

Video + Short Game (3 Hours) $110 $125

Putting Clinic          10-11 a.m             $50 
 Includes Putter Fitting

Private lessons
Enrich your performance with our intensive
three-lesson package.                  OWNER           GUEST

Rick McCord Director of Instruction                $450            $475 
Jason Kuiper  Head Teaching Professional         $300            $310 
Senior Instructor                                     $260             $290
MGA Certified Instructor                         $240             $260  
Couples Three Series                             $420             $440

Package includes 2 hours of instruction, 
9 hole playing lesson and 1 DVD    SINGLE     DOUBLE     
Staff Instructor                                        $375       $650       
Rick McCord                                          $595       $695     

ONE HOUR LESSONS                 OWNER     GUEST
Rick McCord Director of Instruction               $200          $220 
Jason Kuiper  Head Teaching Professional        $125          $135 
Senior Instructor                                      $110        $125
MGA Certified Instructor                         $100         $110   
Couples’ lesson                                       $165         $175  
Private playing lesson
2 hours           $180 Single $210 (2People) $240 (3 People) 
Family lesson
90 minutes                                            $220       $240 

30-minute lesson with CD                           $35 
One-hour lesson                                           $60  
Series of 3 (90 Minutes)                                   $80 

Custom club-fitting lesson                           $90 
Get fit for your new set of TaylorMade® irons or woods 
by our instructional staff. 50% of your fitting lesson 
would go toward your purchase. (Min. 10-club purchase)



For inquiries on private instruction, please contact The McCord Golf Academy at (407) 905.1955, or via e-mail

Authorized TaylorMade/Adams Custom Club Fitting Center

The McCord Golf Academy and Orange Lake Resort are proud to announce a preferred golf club partnership with TaylorMade and Adidas Golf.  TaylorMade continues to develop golf clubs to perfectly match different swings and launch conditions. These conditions are determined by many different elements including launch angle, spin rate and ball speed. Our mission is to determine what TaylorMade clubs and specifications will help you to achieve your best golf. Unlike many other club fitting locations, students will not be fit with golf equipment that is molded to the faults of their golf swing. The McCord Golf Academy incorporates a tangible approach in which students will be shown how to correct the faults in their swings, and given equipment that matches their improved swings. As part of the partnership with TaylorMade, students of The McCord Golf Academy will be provided the exclusive opportunity to purchase all TaylorMade golf equipment at discounted prices! To set-up a club fitting appointment with one of our TaylorMade certified club fitters, please contact the McCord Golf Academy by calling 407.905.1955 or via e-mail at

Custom Club-Fitting Lesson $90 Have your equipment analyzed and fitted to your personal swing tendencies. You'll save 50% off the cost of the fitting session, which may be applied toward the purchase of custom-fitted golf clubs. ( When purchase a full set)